The benefits of apprenticeships for employers

Many of our employers want to know more about apprenticeships and the impact they will have on their team and their organisation.

What are the benefits of apprenticeships for employers?

Apprenticeships are an effective way to use Government funding to up-skill your employees through fully certified qualifications.

Apprenticeships can be a cost-effective solution to expand your business, develop new departments and increase company growth, impact and innovation.

Apprenticeships provide a productive and effective way to grow and retain talent and develop a more motivated, skilled, and qualified workforce, with 90% of apprentices staying in their place of work after completion.

Apprenticeships provide organisations with an opportunity to diversify your workforce, bringing in new ideas and actively aiding succession planning.

We work closely with organisations to create programmes, adapted to the immediate needs of the company, and apprentices learn on-the-job in line with your company’s objectives.

We will help you to support your employees, developing the skills and knowledge directly relevant and beneficial to their day-to-day job. In addition, our apprenticeships team, all with extensive experience working alongside small and large organisations, will deliver effective apprenticeship solutions tailored to your organisation’s needs and objectives.

Funding for your apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a great way to develop your team and impact your organisation’s success. Thanks to the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy, you can access funding to cover your costs.

How does it work?

Payments into the levy will be 0.5% of your annual pay bill via the PAYE system, minus a £15,000 levy allowance, which is paid into your digital account in monthly instalments. Those payments – plus a 10% government top-up – will fund apprenticeship course fees and any end-point assessment, up to the relevant funding cap.

Need more information? has detailed information on apprenticeship funding and setting up an online account.

Apprenticeship funding

How to register and use the apprenticeship service as an employer

The Apprenticeship Levy

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